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Bronson & Migliaccio DV Letter, Registration,CRA

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This is what I received in response to DV.

This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated April 18th, 2007 and to advise you that verification of this debt has been requested from our client. We will forward same to you upon receipt

Creditor CAVAC of Colorado LLC

4, 421.13 current balance

Neither company is registered or licensed in Oregon: Original Creditor Chase.

In distress while sick, before I found this website 2 years ago I paid CAVAC 500.00 they took this without permission from my checking account. I made a plan for 100.00 a month, gave them my checking info, called them back a few hours later and told them I could not do it. 1 month later 500.00 was taken from my bank. I changed bank account numbers. They broke laws by harassing, threating to take my car, garnishment et. I wrote them a C&D and they sent the debt to Bronson & Migliaccio. I know the SOL is up to sue CAVAC, but what about Bronson & Migliccio? They called my In-laws at 4:32 am and said on their answering matching that if I did not call them by 10 am that day they were going to proceed with legal action. They are not licensed here. CAVAC is reporting on my credit report but I have not seen anything from B&M yet. Can CAVAC report if they are not registered in Oregon? Do they need to report to the CRA that I am disputing or does B&M? Help!

Yes, Cavac can report. A collection agency/law firm can report to the credit bureaus even if they are not registered in your state.

Yes, the account must be marked in dispute.

CAvac/collect america is not regsterd to collect in your state so they can't collect; they hire another scumbag to collect for them.

Is B&M registered in your state.

Did you send CAVAC a DV letter when you sent one to B& M?

I was told by the well informed folks here to send the DV to the agency reporting as well as the one trying to collect.

Hey maybe someone else maybe able to help you. goodluck. let us know what happens with them.

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