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No response to Second DV

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On 02/16 I sent a basic DV to a collection company for an old apartment.

The responded very quickly with a copy of my lease and a little excel sheet starting with a "balance forward" of several hundred dollars, various fees and rent for a month we didn't live there. They also included $200 of interested charged by their collection company.

I sent them a second cmrr letter asking for more info on 03/01 and have not received a reply. Was the first response to the DV sufficient? If not, what is the next step. Threaten to sue? They continued to verify to the CRA's after my second letter.

Here is #2

To Whom It May Concern:

We have reviewed the verification of debt documents that were sent to us and we are still in dispute. The statement that you sent us is not an acceptable debt verification. These documents do not provide sufficient evidence that we owed money to Jennings upon our departure.

According to our records, Jennings owes us a total of $244.50 for the deposit minus the cleaning and repair fees.

I need to see more evidence that this debt is truly ours and not an accounting error on the part of Jennings and Company. I need to see full payment history stating exactly what the “balance forward” is counting and an explanation for why we were not given any written notices of the problem. I need an explanation for why we were charged rent in December when we did not live there. In addition, I need to know on what basis interest charges are calculated.

I would also like to see documents showing you are legally allowed to collect on this debt.



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Actually, what they sent could be considered proper validation, so they didn't violate, even if it isn't quite enough to hold up in court or convince you to pay.

Read the lease to see if they are allowed to collect interest and a "last months rent."

Also check your credit reports to see that, if they are reporting, they are reporting it as disputed.

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Not legal in the sense that it probably won't hold water in court -- *but* it *is* considered verification of debt. Dispute with the CA next -- see if that comes back verififed, then look to MOV. Check to see if the amounts are the same, if the TL is reporting a different amount or a different age, start the cycle again, get them on this twice -- then come forward with the ITS.

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