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How to remove SOL items from credit report?


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First let me say a big thanks for all of the great post...what a wealth of information.

On to my situation.

I have my credit report from the 3 agencies. Now I need to know what to do.

I live in Texas and all of these debts were made in Texas.

SOL 4 years across the board.

This is what I am facing:

1. Cap One BK ....says late dates: last late date 03/03. Account closed at credit grantors request...Charge off. Last reporting date 04/07.

I realize that this one just last month passed the SOL (I catch on fast)...do I need to do anything, will this just eventually disappear from my report?

2. Direct TV is listed as the original creditor. Dates listed are 09/02 10/02 12/05 Says is in collection. SOL applies here as well.

3. Have 7 medical ites in collection All from 2001 & 2002, except for one from 03/04 (which I will need to just go ahead and pay that last one). Another SOL. How do I get these removed from my credit report.

4. Midnight Velvet: dates 03/02 09/02 last reported date 07/07 Charge off. This one too is past the SOL.

I guess my biggest question is for the items that are SOL (all of these listed), how do I get them off my credit report? Do I need to send letters?

Can I still be sued?

What happens next?

Thanks in advance. Cindra

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I hope someone else will jump in here to verify...

Things will stay on your report for 7-7.5 years no matter of when the SOL is. If you need them removed sooner, you can do PFD (pay for delete) and get it in writing before you pay money.


You can follow the primer and hope that somewhere along the way they might drop off. Like they don't verify with the CRA, or they can't validate, or maybe they aren't licensed in your state, or you catch them in violations and can use that as leverage to get a delete or PFD.

They might try to sue you, but if its past SOL, then that would be your defense.

I am a little shaky on this, but I think I got it right.

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Redbank has it right

There are two SOL's.

One SOL is a deadline for filing suit to collect. It starts with the date of first delinquancy, or date of last payment, and depends on your state laws.

The other is the SOL for reporting negative tradelines. It is 7 years from the date of charge-off (7.5 years from the DOFD total.)

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