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Advice on a Collection Account


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I have a collection account that actually went to court and a judgement was entered. The debt has been paid via a wage garnishment, the judgement is also reported. Is there anything I can do to get one or the other removed? This is what my credit report says:

HUME MUSIC More about this account >> -

- - - - -

- Account No.: 5094**

- Condition: Derogatory

- Balance: $630

- Type: Collection

- Pay Status: Late 120 Days

but then when you click on the More about this account link........

More about HUME MUSIC




[Equifax] Collection account

- - TransUnion Experian Equifax

- Past Due: $48

- High Balance:

- Terms:

- Limit:

- Payment: $0

- Opened: 09/2000

- Reported: 06/2002

- Responsibility: Individual

- Late Payments (last 7 years):

- - TransUnion Experian Equifax

days late:

days late:

days late:

and the judgment:

Legal Item

- - - - -

Type: Judgment Judgment

Status: Filed Filed

Date Filed/Reported: 01/01/2003 01/21/2003

How Filed: Individual Individual

Reference #:

Closing Date:

Court: Circuit Court COUNTY ASSOC C


Action Amount: $580 $580

I know it's hard to get judgments removed but what about this collection? Thanks!

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And dispute the original account with the CRAs. I believe the OC has to at least show a $0 balance if you paid it, if you don't get a full delete. Wage garnishment or not. Did you get a letter of satisfaction from the court? If you did, you need to go to the courthouse and file that with the clerk's office. If you don't, the judgment will not show paid and not be given a closing date. The closing date, if I'm not mistaken, is what starts the 7 yr clock. So it's imperative that you file that letter of satisfaction w/the courts.

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