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"ADVICE on a judgement situation"


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I had a Midland Credit Management, Inc. TransUnion TL deleted May 2006. The judgement from Midland filed July 2003 remained on Equifax. I just received, 4/12/07, a Certificate of Fact, documentation from the Virginia State Corporation Commission that states Midland "is not authorized to transact business in Virginia". In March 2007, I disputed the judgement, "judgement filed in error". Equifax verified, and wrote "if you have any documents that release you from this obligation, please forward it to us."

I tried to get the case reheard in the court. 10 day appeal deadline over. Motion to Rehear 30 days deadline over also. Told the clerk of the new information, to no avail.

Can I just send this document to Equifax to remove this judgement? or send it to someone at the court and let them know that there is a business not authorized to business in VA per State Corporation Commission, in my credit file? Are the courts in violation if they are notified and still continue to have this as a public record to verify? Is Equifax in violation, once they are notified and still continue to report this?

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