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HOLY SH*T!!! I got approved!!

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Finally!!! Mission accomplished.

Good lord it took me a while...

Couple weeks ago, I applied with Amex for their Blue card... checking my report on TC, My experian was the highest one with 668. I have one collection on there... .well.. I got denied. I called them up and begged.. basically lady told me that I would have to get that collection off my report.

So couple days ago, I had one collection deleted from my equifax.. thinking that Amex pulled equifax, (I got equifax and experian mixed up) I applied for their Amex clear card....20 seconds later.. APPROVED with 3500 limit.


I went to check my report, oddly enough, they pulled experian which has one collection. Weird..

Anways, I finally have a card with 0 fees, nice limit, 0 late fees, 0% for 12 months. This is the card I wanted to get all along.

I am serioulsy considering canceling two of my Orchard bank cards. Despite me paying on time everytime with them, they decided to increase my rate to something like 20% or something. I called them up screaming a while ago, since the document informing me of my new rate said:" Based on the your history with us, we are increasing your interest rate" lol What a joke.. they said they couldn't do anything.. I asked... " TELL ME HOW MANY TIMES WAS I LATE WITH YOU GUYS?"! They said:" NONE" ... So I asked :" Why do you raise my rate based on my "history with you"? They just couldn't come up with anything and wouldnt' lower my rate.

So, I have few cards, which I am considering canceling all together because they charge annual fee. I know I know... canceling is bad for your credit, but to be honest, I really don't care anymore. I have great rate on my house, car loan almost paid off, no credit card debt and I am putting 12% on my 401k. So I will not need credit for long time, nor do I plan to use it anymore. I applied for Amex card just because I always wanted one so I can say that I have it lol

So all my cards are paid off and I have:

CitiBank Visa AAdvantage Gold - I might keep it

BMW Card - Definitaly keeping this one...I love it

Orchard Bank 1- canceling

Orchard Bank 2- Canceling

Patelco - Probably canceling - its 1600 limit with 14% rate.

Amex - my new baby

Hooters Card - canceling

Home Depot - keeping

Lowes - keeping

Chevron - no idea what to do... I never used the card. Honesly, I got it and I cut it up week later

Bank of America - not sure.. might keep them.. need to find out what my annual fee is.

So, I think I will just get rid of the cards that charge annual fee. They can all go. With my citi at 3500 limit, Amex 3500 limit, BMW with small 500 limit and BofA with 600 limit, I think I am OK.

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Wow thats great!! I wish I had one of those. The closest I can get right now to that card is being an authorized user.

You will get there.. we all been there.. When I first joined this forum, my scores were in 400s range. Keep plugging away. It takes time...

Someone said on this board.. dont' remember who but it really stuck with me

"You didn't mess up your credit overnight, so it will not be fixed overnight"

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I just checked for status for my application for GOLD DELTA SKYMILES.... APPROVED!!!!

So I got Amex Clear, GOLD DELTA SKYMILES and still waiting for approval for JetBlue Amex...


My collection is unpaid for 100 bucks... it's due to fall off in 3 years.

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You're one of my credit-repair heros. :p I need an autograph!

Well thank you! I appreciate it.

I remember when I first found this website...it was back in the day with older design...heheh.. old good days... I initially was doing research on Lexington Law Firm and came across this website.. I never looked back since! Everything I have done, was by reading countless posts on here.

I can truly say that whatever cards I have right now, my home, my awesome car at low rate..it's all because of this website and people in here.

Ahhh I still remember when I first got approved for Chevron card! That was exciting!

Credit is not everything, but it's important. There was a time where I couldn't even open a checking account because I was listed in some file or something. It was sooo embarrising to receive my check from work when everyone had direct deposit and I had to go to grocery store or one of those scam check cashing places to cash my paycheck.

I been saying this in my previous posts. NEWBIES STICK WITH IT! It WILL get better.. Trust me on that one. Keep pluggin' those baddies away and you will start seeing light. I found out that once you get that first card, they just keep coming. Of course, you can't get yourself into s**t that brought you in here in the first place. This is like fresh start, so enjoy it and cherish it.

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