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Judgement Question?


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I have a judgement on EX report from an outstanding hospital bill which is being reported twice...this judgement is one in a same ...i have disputed duplicate judgement on the Ex report and one came back verified the other is still pending...this was disputed 3/15/07...EX states that verification is dued by 5/31/07...i believe this to be well over 30 days !!!!:twisted:

i thought the CRA has 30 to verify the account?

Second judgment situation....i have another judgement on a bank loan i had in 2001...i started having financial problems and was not able to pay my loan so the loan was sent to collection attorney in which i set up a payment agreement with them ...i paid as agreed but they still filed a judgement in 2004 or 2005 not sure because i never received anything stating i had to go to court....i did not know about the judgement until i received a letter from the sheriff's department i think sometime in dec. 2004 or jan 2005 stating if i do not pay the outstanding amount in full then my wages were going to be garnished...i called the collections attorneys office and they stated that it was file for a protected measure??? ....well to make a long story short...my wages were garnished...judgement was paid off in 2005...

Being that the judgement is now paid off, should it show on my reports that this judgement was satisfied or paid?

Transunion shows $1,082???? Is this the status???

Exuifax shows status appealed $1,082???? i have no ideal what that is suppose to mean...anybody please help????

How long will it take to remove?

Is there anything i can do to have it removed since it was paid?

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