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Ssi And Frozen Bank Accounts?


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It is my understanding that if a creditor receives a judgment they cannot freeze an account that ssi is sending direct deposits to.

Is this the same even if the person receivng ssi is my under age son who I am the represenative for ie( the check is set up like this) my name for sons name and it is direct deposit into my checking account.

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I am just going to think out loud here...

It seems to me that these CA's and JDB's (especially if they call themselves a law office) should already KNOW that if you have gov't SSI or SSD, as your only income that even if they DO get a judgement on you that they cant collect it unless it is for income tax, student loans or child support.

I have been mulling around in my mind if just pursuing collection activities in these circumstances could be construed as creditor harrasment.

Going through this problem myself so I would like the experts to express their opinion.

Is there any basis in either FDCP or FCRA that we poor:( SSI receipients can use to sue the collection agency?

Do you suggest we send a copy of the award letter to the collection agency to prove this is our income?

BTW, by just getting SSI in and of itself it should be known to these agencys that this is a NEEDS based program and one can only qualify for it if they have little or no assets. ($2000 MAXIMUM including everything you own.)

So my question is if they know the law, and continue suit full well knowing they can't collect, is that deliberate harrassment?

Thanks to all who have comments.

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