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How am I supposed to dv a ca that is "not on record"

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I've spent the past couple of weeks making up a plan/letters for myself and noticed that on my EQ report there is a medical debt listed as a collection in the amount of $323, but there's no account number, contact information or name. It just says, "not on record."

How am I supposed to dv them, if I don't even have their name? How should I handle this?


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I just wanted to update this for any newbies or for anyone who may search this forum in the future with the same question.

When you read on this forum that you need a hard copy of your reports, because it usually has more detailed info...they ain't lyin' to ya. ;)

I just received my EQ copy in the mail yesterday. All the accounts that were listed as "not on record" in my online version of my CR, are listed with complete name, address, etc. in the hard copy version.

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