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EQ was 387 now it's 755(fICO) You guys are the best! Need Help with one more thing?


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First of all, congrats...i mean WOW. Im sorry to say I dont have an answer toyour question.

But I must say...


You are what we aspire to be, in a corny credit-related way. So please, spare no details of your story! I await it eagerly.

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I disputed CAP ONE three or four times online, each with a differant reason. I tihnk that the final reason was that I did a "change of address" with the Postal Service and never received the final bill. It was deleted. I think that since the account was so old that there account history is a bit outdated. But it did come back verified two or three times. This leads me to believe that you should dispute many differant reasons. I think my reason is a good one. It was true that I did a change off address with US postal service. How can CAP ONE prove that I didn't. If you search the FCRA I think there are collection laws that state that you must receive some time of communication form the CA before they report. I'm convinced that with a little creativity and persistance, you can get everything you want off your EQ CR.


Pretty much the same as above. The last dispute was initiated on the phone. Be cautious of this because everyone on this board recommends CMRR because you can get everytihng in writing and I agree. I think I just got lucky with this CAP ONE. Had I read the boards before I did that I probably would not have done it over the phone.


I hate EX. I disputed this twice online and they came back verified. I requested a MOV and they sent me back some BS that was basically a general Methoad they use for every invetigation. So now I'm stuck with the problem in my first post. Not sure what to do about this one.

Hope that helps a bit

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