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Did i do the right thing?

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Oh geezee-- everytime I think i have a handle on whats going on i read something that makes me wonder, if I've screwed up.

So here goes..

My husband and I have two accts with discover they have both been charged off they have been with collection attorney's zwicker and associates (assigned) since sept 25 2006 These are my accounts. Want to settle them!

Received a letter from mann bracken (another collection attorney) on my husbands account. Found out it was not sold. But am assuming that zwicker (original ca attorney) assigned mann bracken this account because they have no legal offices in my state and mann bracken does. (preparing for suit)

However because mann bracken is not the oc or the oc's collecting attorney I dv'd them. Simply because I do not owe mann brqacken anything, as far as I'm concerned I have no idea who these people are, and want to make sure I pay the right people.

Was this the right thing to do or did I just make it easier to sue me by dv'ing them? ps.. I have cmrrr'd discover and the ceo of discover asking to settle accounts directly with them. Due to the reputation and ethic's on the part of zwicker and assoc. Help... am I on the right track or not?

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