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Mann Bracken responds to my DV


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First page says (in essense) here's what you wanted

Second page has this:

Basic Account Information:

Name of primary cardholder: InsideTexas




Date opened

Date CO

Total CO amount

DOLP to FIA Card Svs: 12/23/06

Name of Present Creditor: FIA Card Services

Address: blank

Name of OC: blank

Address: blank

Third page: detailed account information

Amount of principal charge off

Here it lists court costs, interest ($0)

Amountn of payments since 3/13: 0

Balance of all ancillary relief: #3190.85

Present interest rate: 6%

Then here it has stuff about contract rates that say: Y or N but none are circled (dunno what that means)

It is signed by a 'verifying agent' from FIA card services

and notarized. Guess they sent it to FIA card services to sign

HOWEVER, after all that crap, does this still mean FIA card services still owns the debt? If so, I've TRIED to deal with them. Have sent them two settlement agreements. Called. They send nothing back or tell me to deal with Mann Bracken.

Should my next step be to tell Mann Bracken to pound sand and send a letter to BoA saying I refuse to deal with them (MB)?

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