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My TU report is back

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Status of one account:

GTE SW: paid after collection


AFNI is collecting, they say it's still open with a balance.

I've sent them proof, told AFNI to FOAD, and they are STILL reporting. I have NEVER received ANY correspondence from AFNI EVER.

I guess time to send a nasty gram to TU telling them as much.

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I have a new AFNI for $96 that just appeared in 2/2007. Says it was opened 1/2007 and reported 2/2007. I have never heard from them and they list Nextel as the OC. I have been a Nextel customer for 7 years and never received anything from them and my account always shows current> Ihave never even been late with them. I Dv'd AFNI and disputed with CRA's on 4/9 and have not received any info yet. I want to see if AFNI verifies but does not validate and to see if they put in the accurate "consumer disputes" notation or not.

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