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I'm in need of some advice as to if this CA is reporting incorrectly

-Ca is reporting 2 accounts on my TU CR

-Both list DCOL as OC

-1 acct listed with acct # YYY123 bal. of $244

-1 acct listed with acct # YYY456 bal. of $149

-I disputed with CA and CRA

-CA verified with CRA and added statement dispute resolved consumer disaggrees

-OC, DCOL, sent me info on this

-OC sent info that shows this is 1 account with 1 account number with a balance of $393, this debt stems from 2 doctor visits w/same doc for same problem

My question is should this be reported as 1 account or is the CA allowed to take an account from a doc's office and report every visit as a seperate account with its own balance?? Would this be a violation of reporting inaccurately?

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