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Question: Paid Collections how to have them deleted or updated?

Guest Jary

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to help my husband fix his credit report. He has 4 derrogatory TL on his reports. They are all Collections from hospital bills that he has paid off but they appear as Paid, Closed/Collection account.

My questions is: Is there any way to ask the CA to update link to just say Paid/Closed or to delete the TL (letter or just call them). These were paid off before I found your awesome forum. Any help would be appreciated.

Those are the only things I would need to take off his reports so that he would have no negative items, and he can start building his credit. He just received his "Permanent Resident Alien Status" last year after 2 years of dealing with the Immigration Office so he only has 2 CC one from his bank (Bank of America) that started as a secured and now is a regular card and one from Walmart. Any advice as to what he can do to obtain another CC with his limited credit history?

UPDATE: We will just dispute them witht the CRA (EX) as to be deleted upon payment per agreement and see what happens.


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