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Few weeks into credit repair :)


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Well I updated after about 2-3 weeks since I start and this is what I find....

Transunion Deleted 3 Derogatory (guess who 2 of asset acceptance)

Equifax Deleted 3 Derogatory

Now experian is a different beast. They keep sending me letters for privacy and fraud service saying I need to verify who I am prior to them investigating any claim against mis-posting on my credit report. Anyone esle have this happen. Something about there fraud protection unit. Says I need to send them a photo federal/state ID and billing statements with my current address to prove who I am. Interesting I think :S

Anyways, things are looking good so far. It is positive feeling for once.

And since I have court coming up with asset in a few weeks...and seeing they cant verify, makes me wonder what paperwork do they actually have.

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That's great news... my fingers are crossed for some good results.

What I don't understand is how they can delete or close the investigation on something with good results before the 30-45 day investigation period is up. Wouldn't that have to mean an agency answered them and said they weren't going to answer, or admitted not being able to verify it?

ANyone? Not sure sure if my question is clear.

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No, in my dispute letter (first and only ones so far) I just stated I dispute this account as having invalid information.

Company Account#

That was it.

I re-read the letter from experian...and the letter was sent because I recently moved and my credit report address doesnt match my current address, so they just want proof of who I am. After I wrote the first post I recieved the same letter from equifax too. So I have to find a copier and send them the info so I can get an updated credit report from them both :S

In a positive note, it is nice to see they are worried about the consumer for id theft.

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Another thing that I did not do is lumb more than one account into a letter. Each account had its own letter. Yeah, little more for postage, but I think it is a little more difficult for them to deal with the paper, make work for thier paycheck!!! LOL

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I disputed about 5 on one page and they missed two. When I called they said I didn't dispute the ones missed. I sent another letter but was told they scan everything mailed into them and when they looked it up sure enough it was there. They removed three of the five though.

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To the OP.

What is your situation with ASSet? What is the TL about and your response as I have them as the only CA left, except 1 small medical I'm doing a HIPAA on. My TL is 6.5 yrs old. SOL for collecting in my state is up. (5 yrs) but I have not Dv'd them. Just wondering what you are having w/them?

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As for asset...

I have 4 accounts with asset on my CR.

On 4 accounts with asset for EQ the company is reporting as AAC.

For TU and EX they the company name is Asset Acceptance LLC.

I recently relized, last night, that another of the 4 accounts is past SOL.

So 2/4 are past SOL by at least a year.

The other 2 accounts, 1 is lowes card, SOL would have expired the day after they sent the paperwork from the court. However I disputed that TL and it was deleted off all 2 CR.

The last account I had disability insurance on, thus I never paid the account. The OC stated they would take care of this issue by actually paying the insurance. Still waiting on the paperwork for my doctors to fill out. So who knows where this is goin.

I recently went to court (for the last two mention accounts) for my initial trial hearing, disagreed with the allegation. Now I am in the process of waiting for thier Bill of Particulars/Discover/Documents to see what they actually have.

Like I said, I didnt state a reason to the CRA when I disputer. I just wrote a letter saying this negative comment on my report is hurting me, mentally, physically blah blah blah. Accounts name/number and please delete this as soon as possible. Didnt sign the letter, just print with my SS#.

I sent a single letter in a single envelope for each disputed account. Why have them error and miss a dispute, gives them an excuse to why it wasnt disputed....and why not make them work. Hell, they are reporting all kinds of negative untrue trash on us. I am a firm believer, if you are gonna take my money, you are going to work for it :).

BTW I got into this situation due to medical reason and being out of work for 2 years after being hurt. My lawsuit against the place I got hurt was pretty much all but dismiss when they filed BK, however we are still fighting with thier insurance company, so maybe I will get something. I was sueing for 3.7 million. I will be lucky to get lost time and medical reimbursed now.

When I got hurt I notified all my OC to tell them. First month was fine and dandy....second month they started harassing me...3rd month it got worse. Soon after CA were calling. Repos, collections, judgments all that shortly followed. It surely didnt help my health condition at the time, but you cant get blood out of a turnip. I made under 1K a month. House and medical alone were over 1K. I sold everything of value I had to buy food for myself and my daughter, me being a single parent....so some years later I start to rebuild myself and that is when all this crap hits the fan again. However this time I am semiprepared, at least I know some of my rights now.

So far it is looking good on the credit repair. I know it isnt going to be easy and it gives me something to do, a goal to work for. I have 16 derogs on my reports for two of the CRA currently. 7 fall off in the first part of next year, 5 more in 2009...so I look forward to that. Just keep a positive attitude, read these and other forums and things will work out.

And for the record, I have been paying off my bills. I paid off 280K worth of medical and credit card and loans over the past 3 years. I was taking one account at a time. I didnt know about SOL, if I did things might have been different. But I have a history going that shows I am tring to work with the OC/CA/JDB. However if you corner a dog he is gonna bite ya. Asset has done that. I prolly would have paid them if they would have given me more time, however they pushed me into court, so I am going to make them earn thier monies.

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