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need help after DV


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Ok i have 3 medical bills which were copays that went to collections. The OC never sent the bills because they had the wrong address. At any rate my daughter was also covered by the state at the time of service which they did not bill. They billed my insurance, dates of service are 2001 and early 2002. Collection agency never contacted me, i just sent DV cmrrr with C&D they received march 26. They never marked as disputed by consumer and verified with cra april 2. Rep calls me on April 20 inquiring about accounts, I did not receive any response by mail. I sent follow up letter on 4/25 to validate within 10 days or disappear. I DV the CRA today and the OC happens to call today and asks me to verify my address so they can send me statements

what should i do at this point?

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