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My first victory!


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Finely got above the people that answer the phones at the good old Minnesota Department of Revenue collections devision. I had recently asked them for a statement of account for the liens posted in my county. What the sent me was correct for the one lien but nothing about the other. So I called, told them I was trying to get a loan put together (well... not really) and needed complete information about both liens and that I only received information about the one lien.

Thats when the good news hit.. She replied "well thats because the other lien has been satisfied for 5 years" xdancex she then went on to clicking about with her mouse and then stated "It's still shows as open, but it should not" more clicking... "there, it is now marked satisfied as of 02/2005".. I asked her to fax me a copy of the dated release and it has arrived! Now, to CMRR this new information to the CRA's to get the lien updated with paid off info and the new 02/2005 payoff date. That should give it only 5 years as satisfied before it falls off. (if I can't get it disputed off first).

The best part, this was the HUGE lien that was on my report. 52,000 smackers. The pay off notice will have the actual amount owed (52K was a estimate) of 2400 bucks. Taking my TL from unsatisfied 52K to 2400 satisfied 02/05...


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