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Is it too early to apply for Prime Cards?

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I added my DH as an AU to most of my cards, and his scores have improved. My mother also added us as AU to her Amex and Target Visa ( still waiting for those to report) Besides being an AU to our accounts he has no revolving credit. I'm sure once Amex and Target Visa report him his scores will be pretty good.

Once those 2 cards report, I want him to apply for a prime card, not sure which one though, maybe Chase. His reports are pretty clean besides a reposession in 2003 and thats about it and 2 medical collections ($50 each one). Thats on his EX report (which is his worst). EQ will have nothing negative on it, the last item will fall off this month. TU has only the reposession left.

Is it still too early to apply for one of the prime cards? Should he just start with the sub prime ones?

We're just so excited that his CR looks decent now. When we started this a couple months ago, his scores were in the low 500's. So we've come a long way.

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