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Help RE: Response to DV Letter


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I sent a DV letter to Credit Control Corp. in reference to an item from phone bill from 5 years ago that they just put on my CR for a few hundred dollars.

They sent me a copy of the "Original Work Order, Service Address Listed" from the phone company. Also, a letter stating that the received my DV letter and that they have verified that the debt is valid and the balance is correct as reported. Also, a "statement of the balance owed is attached." It continues to state that if I'm "claiming fraud" on this account, I NEED TO PROVIDE THEM with the following proof of residency:

1) Mortgage Statement or Rental lease that covers the dates of service this bill was incurred. They also must cover the date of installation through the date of disconnect.

2) A PICTURED copy of an ID that includes my SS number and address. If the DL doesn't include the SS #, I need to send a copy of that too.

3) A utility bill that covers the same dates listed in Item

They claim this "work order" is sufficient but there is no mention of the Original Creditor on this "work order." The work order is a bunch of internal numbers and gibberish. It doesn't list my entire SS#, just the last four.

Any suggestions????? I had PERFECT credit after years of repair and now American Express has lowered all of my credit limits after their "monthly account review" showed I had this on there. Also, we are trying to buy a new house and I cannot be on the loan because of this. Just my EXP score went from 766 to 634!!!!!!!!!

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me, I'm feeling pretty despondent about this whole situation.

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Believe it or not these CAs have agreements with the CRAs which "tell" them when you are doing house hunting, like when your credit is pulled by a mortgage company. Then they come out of the woodwork! Talk about sleazy.

Anyway, there are a couple of things you can do if the debt really is yours. One is a pay for delete, however, that won't help your Amex account situation since it's already been lowered. Maybe they will reconsider once this is gone.

Personally I've never paid a CA, it's just something I don't do, so if it was me I would contact the phone company directly to see if you can get this resolved. Get it in writing that it's paid and then send a copy to the CRAs to get it removed.

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