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I've Disputed CRA, but...


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Hi, this is my very first post. I'm hoping to get the best answer and some


The first action I've taken in cleaning up my credit was disputing

a charged off credit card w/Capital one. Capital One verified the debt

with equifax and indicated it was included in a bancruptcy #7.

That is innacurate. It was never included in bancruptcy.

My question: Am I entitled to have this removed from my report?

And how do I do it!



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Welcome! First, Cap1 wont just remove it because you want it off, I wish it worked that way! :) You need to request a reinvestigation with the CRA's and might also then do a MOV with cap1. Search for Method of Verification and read the sticky on repairing credit for the best help!

Best of luck!! :)

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