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Update: Success, Surprise, and a "What the Heck??"


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As some of you may know, I've been having my share of battles with the CAs. Just wanted to let all of you know the latest...

I had an old paid collection from Ameritech that I disputed with the CA, Debt Credit Services. Since it was paid, they purged my files. Disputed with CRA.

GONE! :everybodyclap:

The second one was an open, unpaid collection with Credit Collections Services for a disputed debt I had with Progressive. Sent them a DV, and they responded very courteously (well, courteous for a CA, anyway) that they had no idea WTF I was talking about, and that they needed all sorts of information from me to prove why I was disputing the debt. (In other words, they wanted me to send them information proving the debt wasn't mine. It was, but they don't know really know that, and where exactly would I come up with said evidence anyway if it really wasn't mine??) The letter said that they would mark it disputed with TU (the only CRA reporting it), but the CA idiot must have accidentally marked "delete" instead of "dispute," because....

IT'S GONE!!!! :DiscParty:

Well, at least according to TC and PG (the latter of which is getting cancelled shortly now that I've found TC), although my dispute with TU isn't officially concluded yet according to TU's website. However, I figure if both sites are telling me the same thing, then who am I to argue? (My TU score shot up from a 647 to a 713!)

Now, the last bit of "fun," and some advice would be appreciated.

Back before I found CIC and was younger and much stupider, I had a bill with AT&T that went to collections from when I lived in Michigan. I paid the CA, Great Lakes Collections Bureau (told you I was stupid then!), in 2002. They then sold the debt off to another CA to try to collect AGAIN. Each time I have sent the CA my documentation (including copies of the cancelled check with the routing number blacked out) showing it was paid. Each time they have told me that they apologized for the error, they would take care of it, and a bunch of other BS lies CAs tell.

We're now in 2007. SOL in Mayland expired LONG ago. The original payment sent was in Jan of 2002. I may have reset the SOL for Michigan by doing this, but I'm not sure. This is the third time it has bounced to this CA (NCO) and they are requesting smaller and smaller amounts of settlement. Does anyone think that I should send them a C&D letter, tell them SOL has expired (if they're too dumb to search the records they don't have [and I pretty well can guarantee they don't by now] and figure out this was originally from MI then who am I to correct them?), and that based on the proof of payment that I have, that any reporting to the CRAs would be considered willfully submitting erroneous information that has been proven to be incorrect? (I'm sure there's a section of the FCRA that would substantiate that....I just don't know where it is)

The good thing is that this has never appeared on my CR and I don't want it to start either!

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First of all-- Congrats!! on your victories :clapper:

And yes to your question. If you paid this debt totally off- then it's gone, kaput, vanished.... therefore no re-setting of the SOL- there's nothing to re-set. xThudx

Send NCO a FOAD letter with a C&D that outlines the debt was paid long before they purchased the "paper"- which they wasted their money on. And, if they put anything on your CRs then you will sue them. Whew- that made me feel better just to type that!

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Thanks Gypsie. I was pretty much thinking along those same lines anyway, but it never hurts to get a second opinion. That FOAD letter is as good as written! :woohoo:

All I have left now are some lates on a CRAP 1 account :rollingpin: that I closed a number of years ago and a closed Chase Manhattan card that had lates as recent as last March. (Evil people closed it on me! :<img src=:'>) My only concern is that Chase and CRAP 1 are my oldest TLs (10/2000 for Crap 1, 6/2001 for Chase, followed by my overdraft loan from my Credit Union in 7/2001 that is still open).

I'm not sure which would do more damage: try to get them removed to rid the lates off my report, or shorten my credit history by a year by having them removed. Any thoughts from anyone? If they were removed (and I've heard Crap 1 is next to impossible), then my credit would look nearly perfect aside from the short history and the number of inquiries on my Equifax report from when I bought my car last year. I'm kind of wondering if I should just let sleeping dogs lie at this point, now that all of my collection accounts have been deleted. Or should I try a goodwill letter to the OCs and see if they will be nice and "correct" them for me?

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I would leave the Crap 1 TL alone. It's old, and probably not having much affect on your score. I have a Crap 1 TL with lates as well- closed in 04. It was opened in 01. My lates are from 03- and they were able to verify them- I even called Crapa 1 this past January, and the CS rep could quote my monthly history. I have tried everything with them- GWs, sob stories- no change.

As far as Chase is concerned- IMO- a GW letter is worth a shot... Or maybe even calling them if the GW letter doesn't work. With the lates being that new- they will verify- if you dispute.

good luck! sounds like you're about to "graduate" credit repair!! x:-)

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