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I got called by NCO at 10:42 PT TONIGHT


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WTF? They left me a stupid recording voice mail that they are "calling to collect a debt." What do I do about this? They have my address as Wyoming, which was actually 11:42, but I don't live there. It's just a mailing address. And my last physical address which my driver's license is still from is Mass so it would have been 1:42 AM.

What do I/can I do about this?

Also, can anyone tell me what the best move is: I have a mailbox in Wyoming that I've used for 4 years because I moved out of the country. When I returned I wasn't sure where I was going to end up so I just keep the box and have my mail forwarded periodically. It's the only mailing address I've used the past 4 years.

I've been ignoring collection letters for 3 years on Cap One credit cards that I basically refused to pay anymore due to extreme financial hardship. I've never dealt with this and thought I could just ignore it and they would eventually realize they can't get blood from a turnip and would go away. But they have done the opposite and heated up the quest the past 6 months. Somehow they got my cell phone number and I get calls all the time. I have always hung up on them because they are the kind that when I answer it's a recording asking me to hold for an agent. I find that to be the absolute rudest thing in the world—to call someone and ask them to hold for you! C'mon! You're freakin' calling me!

So I want to DV because I am pretty sure they won't be able to come through (I have my reasons, not worth it to bore you). But I'm wondering what my best tactic is to go about this. If they don't/didn't have my real address, isn't that their problem for not contacting me? I usually only get my mail a few times a year so anything they've sent me has always been long out of date by the time I receive it. Do I divulge my current address and claim I've never lived in Wyoming (which is true)? Or do I keep using the Wyoming mailing address and deal with everything as if I live there? And which state laws do I use? Where I live now or where I lived when I had the cards or the mailing address (Wyoming)?

Thanks in advance for any info!


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Well I guess the good news is- you've got NCO on a violation for calling you past 9pm

The bad news is NCO will probably try to sue. And if they do- you NEED to be able to receive your mail in a timely fashion so that you can respond to a summons. So, I personally would use the address where you are.

As far as them not having your "real" address- that doesn't matter if they sent you letters to the WY PO Box then it is "assumed" that notification was complete upon receipt of that mail- whether you got it timely or not.

Do you know if the debt is past the SOL? Looks like WY's SOl is 8 years, So whatever state you're in now- you may be better off with a shorter SOL. Usually the state where you reside is the state that is used to determine SOL.

IMO- go ahead and work the DV angle. Send NCO a DV and see what you get from them using your current address. It's better to deal with them honestly than to keep "ignoring" them. NCO has a bad reputation of not "going away", and just a bad reputation in general- there are plently of stories within this forum

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