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Asking OC to Retrieve Acct. from A$$et


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An OC immediately sold this acct. to A$$et when I inquired about it. I had paid the OC back in 2004, an amt. I thought was to pay the thing off. I never heard from them again, they never acknowledged I paid them (it was a money order and I still have the copy).

So when I started this repair thing, I found it on my CR and wrote inquiring about it and asking for their proof of receipt of that payment. All they said was that it was mine.

Now it's gone to A$$et. I have written the OC (which is a bank, BTW), letting them know that I don't appreciate being treated like that when I am honestly trying to get old issues in order. I requested they get that acct. back because I won't deal with you-know-who.

Now, do I send A$$et a FOAD letter (it's now their TL and not the bank's), letting them know I am intending to work with the OC? It's a piddly amount, <$200. But the CA wants $400!

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