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They want my business sooo much...

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LOL.. ohh it is soo nice to finally have some leverage when it comes to choosing my rates on my cards...

So I called Orchard bank yesterday. I have two credit cards with them with 500 bucks limit each.. I got on the website and found out that they are both at 30% APR!

So I call them up, some lady picks up and I ask her "Could you tell me what the annual fee is on my card?" She says :" $49.99" So I tell her that I was just wondering if she could help me out... I said that I just checked on their website for my account and noticed that my rate is 30% and I was just wondering if she would be willing to lower my interest rate and drop the annual fee... Well, she flat out told me:

"I am sorry sir, we can not do that at this moment"

So I said:

"Ok, that is no problem really, I would like to cancel both of my accounts then"

All of the sudden, her tone changed... she transfered me to her account manager. So this guy picks up and I tell him that I want to have A LOT lower rate on my cards than 30%, and waived annual fee. He started to beat around the bush... yada yada yada...talking about possibly this and possibly that... I told him :" This is yes or no question.. can you lower my rate and waive annual fees?" He then told me :" I would ask you to give us a chance and have us review your account, we could combine both cards into one Visa card...yada yada" He then told me that he will call me in 30 days.

I told him, if they can't waive my fee, lower my APR to something A LOT lower than 30%, I want to cancel my cards. There is no other way that I will keep my accounts open. I told him that I have cards with 0% APR, no fees, big limits...and 30% APR is ridiculous.

He asked if I could just give them a chance. They will contact me soon...

We shall see...

I love it! LOL

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