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Are PFD letters really binding??


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Ok so this situation has not happened to me but i was just thinking........

If I get a CA to sign a PFD letter stating essentially that they will delete their TL from all 3 major CRA's, what happens if they dont comply???

Can I send a copy of the signed PFD letter to the CRA's to prove they said they would delete??? But doesn't some law somewhere state that CA's can't "sell" a better credit score?? Which is what they are doing by deleting for my payment.

So wouldn't the CRA's call the contract void cause its illegal for the CA's to offer or accept PFD's????

Or am i thinking too far into this????

Has this ever happened to anyone where a CA signed off on a PFD and then didnt delete???

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If they sign it, than it's a contract.

I'm sure they would honor it since it is in writing.

If they don't delete as agreed, you can sue.

What do you sue for? Civil Damages?

Having these TL's on your CR is damaging. There is no doubt about that.

You could also send the letters to the CRA's.

The problem lies in getting them to sign a PFD, not

worrying about what you will do afterwards if they don't.

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