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3 more to get removed?


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ok I think that i am at the end. Maybe? I have an applied card that i settled for in 7/06, yeh I know now stupid :oops: and i have tried the goodwill letter, no luck.. then i have an ASSET ACCEPTANCE that will not go away. they have it as opened in 2004, not true. I believe the sol is at play in this one but how do i found out for sure? i have dv them and they sent a letter saying that they were reporting it as "disputed" but nothing else. the last one is 1st preimer the oc still waiting to dv from them! what is my next step? My FICO scores are TU 585 EX 575 EQ 665. there is a big difference, not sure why? EQ still reporting judgement as satisfied ( not :confused: ) and they gave me the biggest score? any help would be great oh and can any one tell me what is a good score to refi at? THANKS xdancex

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