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I Hate NCO!!!!


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NCO sucks.

I got a call from them two weeks ago about a $77 account with eBay. I had screwed up with an account selling a car, the total for the listing was $77, and immediately canceled the listing. I contacted eBay through the live chat. They were nice and said I would get a credit for the fees, no problem.

They never credited me the amount.

I told NCO on the phone that I would get it squared up with eBay. I contacted eBay again through their live chat, they were apologetic and credited me all the fees, there is no balance.

I immediately called back NCO and told them eBay had corrected everything. They said they would verify with eBay and would cancel the account. I made it clear that THIS SHOULD NOT BE A PAID COLLECTION as it was eBay's mistake.

Today I got a letter in the mail telling me I owe NCO $77 and need to pay them immediately. They don't have evening/weekend office hours so I have to stress over this all weekend, worrying that they'll put this on my CR. Tomorrow is my birthday. I hate them.

Thanks for letting me vent.


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