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TU has confused me

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I disputed a couple items on my TU report, today I got this letter from them and a copy of my report

Our investigation of the dispute you submitted is now complete. The results are listed below and a new copy of your credit report is enclosed.

Investigation Results

Item Description Results

Blah CA Acct#00000 NO LONGER ON FILE

Blah CA Acct#11111 NO LONGER ON FILE

Any corrections to your identification requested by you have been made, and are included in the following credit report.

What does NO LONGER ON FILE mean??? Nothing changed about those 2 entries on my report and they are still on there so does it mean they are verified??

Also their statement about identification corrections is bull they didn't remove the incorrect address from a totally different state off the report none of that changed either

So now I'm just confused.......or maybe I'm just plain stupid but I dont understand what they meant.

Anyone else have a clue???????

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called TU this morning to get clarification on the results mentioned in my earlier post

TU's special handling rep (why I had to speak to a special handling rep I'm not sure) said that the only thing deleted from my report were the account numbers for these 2 collection accounts and that the CA updated the accounts with new account numbers.........is this some kind of sneaky trick to get around having to verify??

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