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Ex-wife used my name and ssn...please help!


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My ex-wife took my son to visit her family in Fl. While there she thought he was sick enough to take to the hospital. Since I am the legal guardian and he is on my insurance, she signed my name and used my ssn (I hate that she remembers this!!).

At any rate, my medical fund paid for over half the bill and I don't feel like I should be held resposible for the remainder.

I am more pissed off that she used my name and ssn without my knowledge or consent (which I would never give).

I don't think that this debt is valid since my name was forged and ssn used without permission.

I have sent an CMRRR letter to the hospital telling them that I never signed any documents and I was never a patient of their hospital and recieved the green card back, but now I have a collection agency on my tail (MFMI). The letters must have crossed in the mail.

I am looking at the Whychat's HIPAA letter now, is that the route that I should take? Does anyone feel this is valid?

I feel that his mom should have put her name down to be billed, but this is the type of history that she has.

Please advise!

Thanks in advance!!

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I'd start by contacting the hospital administrator and discuss with him/her. They have the power to pull the bill back from collection. Being nice to the hospital may help keep it off your credit reports.

With that said, you can prosecute your ex for forgery. You can have her arrested and thrown in jail...she does not have the legal right to sign your name, but that does not get you off the hook for the medical bill, if you are the legal guardian with responsibility for the balance.

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