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2 different reports


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On my credit report it shows a loan late on oct and nov of 06. when I called the bank they told me it was not late on oct and nov but late in sept and was reported in oct and late in oct to be reported in nov. I'm trying to figure out how to dispute this to get the CRA to check it again b/c they did and they sent it back as verified. I'm not sure if i'm screwed b/c either way it was late or if I can get them to update as never late b/c they had the wrong month. (i'm waiting to get a letter from the bank letting me know if they will update it. I have 3 accounts w/ them and 2 are never late, I thought I was paying on the 3rd but I end up just sending in double payments to the 2nd loan. I had her look into all of that and they said I should know something in 7-10 days but right now i'm trying to prepare for my next move.

what would you do? I'm looking for a MOV sample letter, but I've done a search and haven't found 1 for some reason yet.

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