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Need auto loan advice

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I recently obtained an auto loan from CitiAuto and need some advice to help maximize the good effects on my score. My exp score is currently 565

Here are the details:

-Balance of $16,349

-Current Monthly payment of $331 72 month term

-I've got about 6 months of on time payments so far

I would like to pay this off early, though I know I want at least two years of payment history, but would three years be better? And would paying down the premium now be beneficial? How much can I expect this boost my credit score over the next year? I'm new to this so any advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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On installment loans, the longer you pay according to terms, the better. Scoring programs love to years of on-time payments. But put this in context with the rest of your life. If you will save $ by paying off the loan early, by all means pay away and save other strategies for improving your credit. If you don't save money, then follow the terms as usual. JMO

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