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Confused on possibility of vacating judgement?

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I have a judgement that was entered a week before BK7 (about 2 yrs ago). Couldn't get the BK paper work done before the court date but I had paid an attorney and I did go to court.

Not knowing any better I did admit debt, judge asked what I intended to do about it and I told him BK7 would be filed withing the next 10 days and gave him the name of the attorney. He asked if the attorney was paid already and I told him yes.

The CA that sued was instructed to get my attorney's info and not sure what the judge said after that - I was scared to death. CA was included in the BK7 as well as OC. Proper paperwork was sent and the BK7 has been discharged for 2 years, but the judgement is showing open.

Is there any way to lessen the blow the judgement is doing to my credit scores? It seems to be worse than the BK because it looks like I currently owe it. Any grounds to vacate? I was served properly by a deputy, I did go to court (didn't file any papers though) so not sure if there is anything I can do. Looking through the link above, it doesn't seem to apply so I may be SOL (and I don't mean statute of limitations :lol: )

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Your discharge makes the judgment null and void. However, the local court still has it on record as an unpaid judgment. File a motion to vacate based on your discharged bankruptcy, it shouldn't be a big deal. Wait at least 30-60 days and try disputing it with the CRA's again.

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