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Can OC and CA both report same account info on CR?

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Hello! I am a virgin (newbie) here, so please take it easy on me. I am close to paying off all my debts, but my credit is trashed. SO, I'm starting to clean up my CR.

The question is: I had a loan through Credit Union Plus. I didn't pay it. They took me to court and got a judgement against me. I have been paying on it ever since. Credit Union Plus reported on my CR that it was charged off as bad debt. However, C-E Office Service was assigned to collect the debt-that is who I'm paying now. I missed a few payments early on (1 1/2 years ago) so they, of course, put negative marks on my CR also. So, I have the judgement, the negative from the OC and now the negative from the CA on my report. Are they allowed to do that? What can I do about it?

Thanks for your help and patience. The info I've gotten on other threads has been immensely helpful. You guys rock!xangelx

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