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Differences between Collection Agency and Registered Agent


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I had asked this question before but it was in an unappropriated spot. I started a new thread.

A way to get rid of collection is to see if they can legally collect in YOUR state.

1. I check states web site to see if they have a license.

2. I check http://www.residentagentinfo.com to see if they have a registered agent.

Possible outcomes:

Have 1-They can collect.

Have 2- I Don't Know (I know in many states a lawyer can collect without having a collection agency license. (How would that be listed on your CR's)

So if an agency can't collect in a state but they have a registered agent is it safe to say that they can't collect in that state?




Resident and debtors state: WISCONSIN

Licensed Collectors in Wisconsin: http://www.wdfi.org/fi/lfs/licensee_...e=CA&Page=M&CA

Not there.

Registered Agent in Wisconsin for MEDICREDIT




So does this mean MEDICREDIT can collect in Wisconsin?

If they have a PAID collection on any Credit Report would you get a document from Wisconsin saying the MEDICREDIT is not licensed as a collection agency in and send it to the CRA's? What could you say to the CA to get them to remove it?

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A registered agent is necessary for a corporation to do business in a state. They are basically a point of contact if they are being sued.

If this company has a registered agent, then yes they maintain an office there, but may be subject to professional licensing (lawyer, collection agency, CPA, doctor, realtors, etc.).

Without going into the legal technicalities, if they do not have a professional license, they can do business (at their own risk), but lack the ability to defend themselves when legal proceedings are brought against them.

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Looking for some layman's guide to above and how to get removed.

If your state agency has a website, search for the business and print out the results...

Ex. :"XYZ Collections Not Found"

However the CRA do not have to comply with any state licensing requirements... I'd threaten the CAs themselves (I know your not authorized so cease activity and remove TLs). Give them 10 days to comply then sue in state court for violating state law.

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It is really a two pronged argument.

1. IS the CA licensed to do business in your state? This allows them, among other things, to sue.

2. Is ther CA licensed as a CA in your state? Depends on your state's requirements.

IMO, there is nothing illegal for a CA not licensed to do business in your state to call or write to residents. It would be illegal if they tried to collect without a required collector's license.

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