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my fica or truecredit

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MyFico is only good to buy your actual credit scores. Their monitoring service is only for one credit report.

Truecredit is only good for monitoring all three of your reports for changes. Most use truecredit or privacyguard to monitor, and only use MyFico to just see theit actual scores two or three times per year.

Search for the truecredit wal-mart discount link and the MyFico discount code on here and at creditboards.com.

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Try this link for the Truecredit walmart discount:


I got Myfico first and truecredit second. The Myfico is $8.95 per month and only gives you your true fico score, but you have to keep the service for a minimum of 3 months, and then you can only pull your fico score twice without paying more. Truecredit will pull everyday but only gives FAKO scores. It is good for monitoring TL's (Trade Lines), especially if you are disputing items right now.

If I could do it all over again, I would get the Truecredit service, then buy a fico score from Equifax (which is where it comes from anyway) whenever I really needed to know it so there is no contract.

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However, the TU score in itself is a FAKO score using their own scoring system. The only bureau using the FAIR ISAAC scoring method (FICO copyright) is Equifax.

TrueCredit also creates its own FAKO score for the Equifax information it pulls, since it is not pulling scores from those sites, just the information, so those scores may differ from all three bureaus purchased scores.

If a lender uses FICO to score, and they pull a report from TU or EX, they probably discard the score they provide and run it through their own FICO software to translate it to the system they go by. This may explain why EQ seems to get pulled 3 times more often than the other reports in order to save a step and probably some money...

You should now be thoroughly confused... sorry!

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A note on that FAKO TU score...

I thought that was my "good" score until I pulled a TU score at myfico. The score on myfico for TU was about 60 pts less than the FAKO score on TrueCredit while the myfico score for EQ was about 20 pts more than the TC score.

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