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Should I dispute "not mine"

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Hi Guys,

Would like to get my dispute letters off to the 3 CRA's but I'm not sure which dispute I should be using to dispute paid TL's in all 3 credit reports.

Should I be using "not mine" or something like "payment for deletion".

Your help would be really appreciated.


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"Payment for deletion" would be hilarious to send them, but a bad idea.

The CRA's (supposedly) have agreements with CA's that the info they reportscan't be used as a barganing chip. If the CRA's suspect that any CA is doing that anyway, just to get paid, they will levy sanctions on that CA. (so they can't report anything at all)

I'd love to tell on them like that, but your credit reports are too important.

It's best to dispute the details, rather than "not mine." The CRA's like to add fraud alerts if you have a lot of them. On really old, stale accounts, it's usually safe to try.

You should also consider using online disputes before you start writing letters:


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