Target card with low scores?

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I am happy for you "BrokeInc."

However, I just don't get it.

Oh well.

Don't worry, Brotha. I applied for the card three times. The first time I was denied because of my BK and some derogs that were on my report. The second time I was denied because the phone number listed on my CR did not contain the area code for the city that I live in. The third time? I'm assuming that my approval for the $200 store card with the outrageously high interest rate came through because of the positive TL's that had hit my report.

I, too, was really frustrated with Target after reading forums and searching through databases. It appeared that a crazy number of people with FAKO's and FICO's lower than mine were getting approved for cards left and right.

I don't know why I applied for the third time, and I have no idea why I've decided to open my credit report to Target after they've been total idiots, but for some reason I like the idea of charging those massive packages of toilet paper to a piece of plastic and paying it off at the end of the month.


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I called them and got some idiot on the phone from "who knows where." They told me to apply in the store, in person.

Yeah right, so I can get denied online infront of 20 people? Not!

I will wait until the day I have perfect 800 scores and let Target chase me.:lol:


Kitchen Measures

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Wow, target is FAST! Open todays mail and there it is. my shinny new Targeto card :) So, i went and broke it in right. 5 12 packs of pop for 15 dollars and I got a 5 dollar gift card back (part of the pop deal)..

Wonder if I can apply the gift card to my target account.....

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How long from application to mail opening and soda shopping?

no more than 72 hours. I think it does help that target "red card" offices are right down the highway from me. The return address on the card envelope might have been South Dakota. But it's post marked Minneapolis.

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Congrats to those who have manage to get the shiny red card. No luck thus far. I have applied three times online denied. Now I am trying my best to go to the store and use another cc so that I can eventually get a pre-approval.

I'm in the same boat. Just working on repair for now...

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