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Help! Foreclosure Monthly Payment Question.

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First off i would like to tell everyone hi.This is my 1st thread here on this site.Well anyways i will get to my point.I have 4 Foreclosures on experian. Yeah i did some dumb S@#t back in 2003.Well anyhow I got rid of all of them on Trans Union and Equifax.But Experian keeps saying VERIFIED! god i hate that word:evil: I basically used up all my chances to dispute these accounts.Experian tells me i have to have supporting documents from the OC for them to investigate it again .Basically no more free chances on line. I dont know if this will help me but on all 4 accounts the Monthly Payments say $0.I know this is inaccurate if that was the case i wouldn't have a mortgage payment.I sent Experian a letter saying to VERIFY the Monthly Payments. But they say the same old BS contact the Original Creditor. By law dont your credit reports have to be accurate or they have to delete it.So my question is do i have grounds on Suing Experian for inaccuracy info on my credit report.

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First, I would like to tell everyone Hi since this is my first post!

Anyway, to get to the point I have 4 foreclosures listing on Experian from some indiscretions in 2003. I managed to have the TL's removed on both TU and EQ, but EX keeps coming back VERIFIED, rapidly becoming my least favorite word! I basically used all my chances to dispute these accounts online.

Experian is now telling me they will require supporting documents from the OC in order to reinvestigate. Now, I'm not sure if this will help me, but the monthly payments on all accounts show $0. I know this is wrong as it means I would have no mortgage payment. I then asked Experian to VERIFY the monthly payments, but they insist on my contacting the OC.

So my questions are:

By law don't the CR's have to delete inaccurate records?


Do I have grounds for a lawsuit against Experian for reporting inaccurate information on my credit report?

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