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What Is Correct Procedure If I Supect Collection Is Being Re-aged?


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Hi y'all,

This is my third post. How, what , when ,and who do I contact about an old dental collection that I suspect has been re-aged. Do I call the collection agency and ask them to send me the original bill from the dentist? Is this not a good idea? I'm new and want to know the proper order in which to proceed. Also, I've got 2 collections from the city of Santa Ana, Ca. I once got charged with DUI there,as I had been naughty and had a couple too many drinks before driving and barely rear ended a lady so softly my front air bags did not go off. I got out of the car and walked across the street to a package store,bought a pint of Jack Daniels, a Heinikein, and a pack of Marlboro Lights, walked outside and poured out 1/2 the pint of JD, lit a cigarette and waited four Johnny Law to roll up. When he did, he drove over to where I was sitting and asked me what the heck I was doing and I told him I was mad as hell for tearing up my sports car,and so, I decided to have a drink while I waited for him. Long story short, he could not prove I had drank before said accident and offense was Knocked down to hit and run. I paid my lawyer, the tow company, and every fine and it is now off of my record. How do I find out what the heck I could possibly owe the city of Santa Ana? Who should I contact? And should it be by mail or phone? I always paid every ticket , fine , etc in California because they have no compunction about hauling your but to jail for unpaid fines. I never got any correspondence from the City of Santa Ana in the next 3 years I live in Cali and paid everything my lawyer told me to pay.I have been pulled over in Cali since that incident and was never told of any outstanding fines or warrants. I really can't think of how I owe them money. No parking tickets because I never stopped in Santa Ana because it isn't that pretty. Help?

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Try to format your posts into paragraphs to make them easier to read. That will probaly yield you more answers.

Post the collection TL. What we are looking for is the date of last activity, if there is one.

If your scheme fooled the cop into thinking you didn't start drinking until after the accident, why did you get charged with DUI?

Your credit reports should have contact info for all your creditors, including the county of Santa Ana.

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First off, were I in your shoes, I would contact the Santa Ana City

courthouse and if not them, the county clerk and just ask them

about any fees or fine under your name.

Second, Dispute with all 3 CRAs, both enties (Santa Ana & Dentist)

Third, request verification

of debt with the OC (Dentist) and make sure it's complete.

Fourth, DV the CA that is holding the dental TL. Once you recieve the

info back from them, check it for accuracy against the OCs correspondence.

If they don't jive, send the CRA a copy of the OCs correspondence and if

these entries are verified by the CRAs, you should request MOV.

Third, get help with your drinking problem.

Hope this helps


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Thanks for all of your advice. And I have not had a drink in over a year. That is what compelled me to start repairing the wreckage I have out there. I go to certain groups that have helped me tremendously. I do have a moral dilemma. I want to do what is right according to the laws afforded me. My initial disputes with all three bureaus were the " not mine" type. It has worked tremendously with Equifax and pretty well with Trans. But, some were mine. I have to answer one day to a Power much greater than the rulers of this land. I did what was right within the bounds of the law, but, I question my own integrity if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I have some things to think about. Thanks again.

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