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Well this is my first post on here. Wish I would have found this website sooner. A wealth of knowledge!

I read somewhere, maybe here, but can't seem to find the article again so he goes.

I read that if you are denied credit that the credit bureaus are legally obligated to accept some sort of good trade line if you can provide it.

I'm in the process of cleanup right now. However, I was denied credit about a week ago and if this can be done I would like to request from the CB's that necessary paperwork be send to the the commerical landlord for a commercial lease that I have.

I realize they wouldn't be reporting a month basis this may just be a one time deal but even if that is the case I think it would still be wise. I have completed 10 of the 12 months of the lease now and have a perfect payment record.

Any input on this would be appreciated. Thanks!

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