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Should I add anything to this letter??


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i plan on sending this letter to the OC I have already disputed with the CA and I really dont feel like waiting till it gets plunked back onto my report or I start getting harrassed by another collection agency for a debt I dont owe, to do something about it. Is there anything else I should add or something I should take out? Thanks :)

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to exercise my rights under law to DISPUTE this account.

The first knowledge I had of an amount owed was about a year ago when a collection agency was harassing me by phone that started in Feb 2006. This company would not give me their company name nor would they say who the debt was actually owed to, they informed me it was confidential information and they were not allowed to say who hired them to collect on this debt. They never sent me any letters by mail. They would only make demands for immediate payment by phone in the amount of $422. When I would decline to pay a debt that I had no knowledge of they would use nasty language, tell me they were filing a lawsuit against me, that I was going to jail etc. They would call my house numerous times a day every day, always the caller id would show unavailable. It was all quite distressing as I had no way of finding anything out about who this company was or who I supposedly owed money to. Then an account was placed on my credit report on 5/9/06 by CBE Group Inc it only showed an amount due of $422 did not list who the original creditor was. But the report did list CBE Group’s address, so I sent a letter disputing the debt directly to them and also listed all the numerous violations of both federal and state laws their collection company had committed as I had kept notes listing dates/times and what was said in all these calls. A couple weeks later the account was deleted from my reports and I never heard from them again.

I spoke with a representative at your corporate office by phone over a month ago about this account after I had been contacted by Allied Interstate collection agency, they sent me a letter saying that I owed $422.21 to DirecTv. This was the 1st time that it was made known to me that this alleged $422 debt I owed was owed to DirecTv. On March 21, 2007 I sent a letter to Allied Interstate disputing this debt. I have received no response from them with any type of proof this is my debt.

I asked the rep at your corporate office to please send me proof that this is my account. So far I have received nothing. I asked her how in the world could cable service cost over $400, she stated that the amount that is in collection is for two large checks that were sent for payment on this account being returned for insufficient funds. It would seem to me that DirecTv is trying to collect for bad checks that were written for this account number. She also told me the service address for this account was in Kansas. I have only lived in Texas. I have never received a bill from DirecTv. I have never sent any checks to DirecTv.

Since I have only received one letter from a collection Agency and not having ever received anything from your company, I have no way of knowing if I actually owe anything. Therefore, I am requesting that you send me proof that I owe your company anything, proof that I ever entered into a contract with your company for anything, proof of the amount that is allegedly owed and how that total was arrived at, proof of the service address and lastly proof of these checks I supposedly wrote that were returned to your company as unpaid.

I will appreciate your attention in this matter as I would like to get this cleared up. If I have not received a response within a reasonable amount of time, which I would consider 30 days to be quite reasonable, I will assume that you do not have documentation of this debt and I will consider this matter closed.

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Is this your first communication directly with them?

If it is, instead of asking them to prove you owe the debt, I would simply ask them to investigate.

Keep in mind DirecTV may not be at fault here. If they assigned the account to a CA, that CA probably picked the first person with your name that showed up on Google. If you tip DirecTV off that their CAs are calling the wrong people, it would be in DirecTV's best interest to look into the matter. If you come across hostile, they will probably be less likely to work with you on this.

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