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Equifax - strange transitions

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Anyone else in the EQ dispute period seeing strange transitions or repositioning of old accounts?

I have seen others state that, like mine, some dormant CA's become 120 days late, or post differently.

Afni was one example, and then LVNV funding is another.

Today my TC shows an alert of a new account on EQ which is HOUSEHOLD CREDIT SERVICES, the one LVNV was collecting for. TC doesn't state if it's good, bad, indifferent, or the status at all and I can't update until around 7pm tonight to see the full shifts.

Anyone seen anything like this or know what is about to happen? I just keep submitting a new dispute for every new manifestation of an old account... they're adding up!

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Well I hope I'm falling under "Congratulations, you've stumped the panel!"

Anyway, to add to my confusion, I had an alert all day from TC about a new TL being Household Credit Sevices, and I was just able to pull the new report. Guess what? No new TL... so now I'm stumped.....

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I think TC only gives alerts once a week or once a month, so when you get the alert, it could have been days earlier that the "event" happened.

If you look close, something had to change about something for the alert. I had an alert that cap one had added a new tradeline, but when I looked, there was nothing new... just updated. My guess is that my lates were deleted and that kicked it into a positive status instead of a neg one. Since TC doesn't really show is something is neg or positive, that is my best guess.

In summary, look closely at the fine details of each listing, something probably changed.

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