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Collection Calls After Bankruptcy Discharge!

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Hi, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in October 10, 2005 before the new rules were in place. The bankruptcy went through quickly and was resolved on 1/09/2006. All creditors were contacted in the proper manner and they didn't show up in court. I was contacted by OSI prior to the Bankruptcy and afterwards, and now currently by CBE for the collection of my defaulted student loans. These loans were the primary reason for the bankruptcy. I am in poor health and have been on disability for a few years, and it is not much. It is so little I can't afford an apartment. I am being threatened regularly for not paying the Federal Government, and they say they will take my disability check and of course that scares me. It was the Federal Government Court that I filed Bankruptcy in. The Student Loans were only discharged due to hardship and my finances and health. I have tried to contact my lawyer on several occasions but can't seem to reach her anymore. CBE has told me yesterday that these loans were newly defaulted in 2006. Not so, I haven't been able to pay them a dime in 14 years, and the collectors have done all kinds of things trying to get money from me. They call my children, their neighbors and then anyone with my last name. This has been going on for years. Anyway, I would appreciate any advice on this. I really need to know what else to do here. Thank you.

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