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Getting Authorized User account off my report


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I am an Authorized User for several accounts in good standing from my wife.

However, the presence of these accounts is pulling down my score due to their affecting:

1) Average age of accounts being brought down.

2) Credit utilization percentage being raised.

3) Number of credit accounts being raised.

Therefore, I'd like to remove the accounts from the credit bureau without removing me as an authorized user, since it is handy to have access to the accounts.

What legal grounds do I have to dispute this? I was thinking of writing the bureaus to dispute and simultaneously disputing with the original creditor. I am having this issue with National City Bank on all three, Bank of America only on Experian, and Farm Bureau Bank only on Experian.

Is there case law on this to support my dispute? I know there is in the case of BKs etc, but what if the negative impact is only to the score, seems like that is a harder one to prove?



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