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What should I do??


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I disputed two items with the TU CRA. One was Household Bank and the other was my BK7. To my complete amazement, my BK7 was removed. BUT the Household was updated stating that it was a paid after charge-off/collection. I never paid them. It is due to fall off on 04/2010. Should I leave it alone?? These people have sued me, but I have heard nothing from them since they got judgement. Here is what it says.

HSBC NV # (deleated)

PO BOX 19360

PORTLAND, OR 97280-8706

(800) 477-6000

Balance: $ 0

Date Verified: 03/2004

Credit Limit: $ 0

Past Due: $ 0

Pay Status: >Payment after charge off/collection<

Account Type: Revolving Account

Responsibility: Individual Account

Date Opened: 11/2002

Date Closed: 12/2003

Date Paid: 05/2003

Loan Type: Revolving Account - Credit Card

Remark: Account information disputed by consumer

Estimated date that this item will be removed: 04/2010

First of all, it was a joint account, not individual. Date verified should read today, not 3/2004; If it was a charge off, why does the date closed account show later then my payment date?? If it was paid before it was closed, it should not be a charge off, right?? Please help me out here as I am at a complete loss. Thanks!!

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I also disputed it through EX CRA and this is what theres' says....



PO BOX 19360


No phone number available

Account Number: ************

Status:Transferred,closed/Account charged off.

Date Opened:04/2003

Reported Since:03/2004

Date of Status:04/2004

Last Reported:04/2004



Monthly Payment:$0


Credit Limit/Original Amount:NA

High Balance:$767

Recent Balance:NA

Recent Payment:NA

Account History: Charge Off as of Mar 2004

Your Statement:

Account information disputed by consumer (Meets requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act)

Creditor's Statement:

Purchased by another lender.

So, as I read it, they reported two different things to two different CRA, right? Is there anything that I can do.

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I guess the first question is, was the HSBC account included in the BK? If so, rattling their cage might cause them to report it as IIB, which brings your BK back. It looks to me, with a $0 balance, this has probably been sold anyway, so I don't think its hurting too badly. You might just leave it alone.

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These people have sued me, but I have heard nothing from them since they got judgement.

I think the best thing at this point is what willing said, just leave it alone for fear of waking the sleeping beast. All it takes for them is a paper submitted to the court to take your money from any account or wages. So, if you make too much of a stink about it, garnishment may result and you don't want that.Trust me. Good luck.

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Okay, I'm confused. You filed BK7 in 2000.

Did you then open an account with HSBC in 2002...and default on that?

Or, is it possible that HSBC bought one of the accounts from someone else that was IIB?

Exactly...we thought we were ok financially, but boy were we mistaken. I know I should have never opened the account, but thought it would help out my credit. They own the account. It was never purchased from anyone. Is there someway that I can get the verification items from the CRA? I would like to know how the verified it. Since an attorney sued me, they should have all the info, the the OC, right?? I am just confused and don't know how to handle it. I think that this is really hurting my score. I really appreciate everyones help on this.

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