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can cra re-enter information that has been removed?

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Okay I am just going crazy..... the other day I was on cloud nine because EQ removed an LVNV Funding account from my report the SOL will be June 07, but I honestly think that LVNV and Fairlane were reporting the same debt so I disputed it anyway the debt was removed April 07 and now today I see that It's back on there.... Can this be done? Now the TL shows like this


Past Due: $10453

High Balance: $6991



Payment: $0


Reported: 04/2007

Responsibility: Individual

This makes the debt look brand new. What's up with this?

On a recent report that shows LVNV on it (3/07) the TL is showing DOLA as 6/2000. What should I do?:confused:

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If you disputed an item and it was deleted.

Then later on it is re-inserted, the CRA must

notify you in writing within 5 business days.

Is your address on the CR correct?

Wait a while, if the letter ever comes look at post-mark to see when it was sent... was it within the 5 business days after they re-inserted it ( or at least when you discovered it) if so, no violation


if it doesn't come or if the post mark is after the 5 business day period - violation.

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