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My first DV response-plz help!!!!!!

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Happy Friday everyone, grab something with caffiene bc this is gonna be a long one:signfun: . Anyways, I only have 3 neg TLs and 1 PR on my 3 CRs. I just sent my first 3 DVs out last Friday and rvd 2 greens back a few days ago but no response to my DV. Yesterday, I rcvd the 3rd green back as well as a response to my DV from the same green rcvd. The DV is bs. It does not even indicate the same CA name. Here is the ltr they sent in response to my DV:




PHONE: 800-455-8026 781-681-4300

FAX: 781-681-4340


123 ABC ST




CLIENT ACCT #: 0543977479

CCA ACCT: 20-2183449


We are in receipt of your leter regarding the above mentioned account being reported on your credit bureau profile. Per the Fair and Accurate Transaction Act, we have reviewed the information you provided and conducted an investigation. Please be advised that:

[X] we have determined the information on file is accurate.

[ ] supporting documentation to your claim is needed to conduct our investigation. The reporting of the account will be updated to disputed.

Please provide: [ ] ID Theft Report: visist www.consumer.gov/idtheft

or call 1-877-FTC-help (382-4357)

[ ] copy of front and back of cancelled check

[ ] other:

[ ] we have requested that the account be deleted from your credit profile

[ ] we have requested that the reporting of the account be updated to:

[ ] paid in full

[ ] settled in full

If you have any questions, please contact Collection Company of America at 800-455-8026, extention 4344.

Thank you,

Uri S.

Processing Services Representative

This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt any any information obtained will be used for that purpose.


Above is the complete ltr but I have some questions. This is my first DV response and I want to insure I respond correctly so any advice as to how to handle this would be great. Here are my questions:

1. If I Dvd Collection Company of America, why is US Asset Management indicated as the CCA client name?

2. They do not indicate any amount owed. Dont they need to provide me with the how they came to this amount? What amt, no amt is even indicated.

3. due to the ccapltr861 listed at the bottom of the ltr along with the fact that it is on a regular piece of paper (no company stationary), it seems obvious to me that this is a standard inhouse response ltr. This is not acceptable, right?

4. This is the first correspondence I ever rcvd from Collection Co of America so is their verbaige at the bottom "this communication is from a debt collector.... sufficient for the miranda they need to inform me of?

5. I need to re-dispute this (it came back last month from CRA as verified) but if they just informed me of the DV, do they still need to mark as disputed once I re-dispute?

6. Dont they need to send me any agreement they have with me and the OC proving I owe them a financial obligation?

My initial DV ltr was very simple. I told them in my effort to assure I am in good financial standing with any and all supposed creditors, I would like them to validate that this debt is mine or remove it from my 3 CRs. I am so lost with this as there are several different items I need to address yet I dont want to give them too much info. I would soooo appreciate anyone's guidance and input as to what I need to do.:confused: As always, thank you to you all for this forum.

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I agree but this is my first DV response and I am a newbie. Any advice on what I can do to have it be successful? Oh my gosh, is this the same Asset everyone is always referring to on this forum as being terrible? How can it be Asset and Collection Co is who is reporting and Collection Co is who I Dvd? I think this is straight bs. I am such a newbie, I dont want to mess this up. Any help on my questions would be so appreciated.

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. Any advice on what I can do to have it be successful?
Post the same question only once is a good start.
Oh my gosh, is this the same Asset everyone is always referring to on this forum as being terrible?
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I know, so sorry about posting twice. My system booted me out and I could not find the thread I sent so I did not think it went through. Big mistake I know, big appology for the double question asking. Is there a way to remove the double posting?

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I would wait for 30 days after the date on your return receipt and send them a letter stating they have not provided proper proof of validation. In that letter also itemize for them where they failed (how they calculated the debt, proof that you agreed to pay the debt, etc;). Include a copy of your initial letter and the return receipt and advise them that you consider this an unvalidated debt and any items on your credit report must be removed or you will be forced to pursue legal action. I believe there's a sample letter to that effect on this site somewhere.

Good Luck!!!

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