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I sent a DV and C&D to Sentry credit for 3 medical bills from 2004 cmrrr which they signed for 03/26. I guess it wouldn't be considered timely because they said they sent me a dunning letter but to a different address(which i didn't live at) They called me on 4/20 asking about a different account in their office, they also called my job the same morning and asked if I was in. They verified and updated the amount with the CRA on 4/2 and 4/28. I checked my report and they never marked the TL as disputed. I called and spoke with the legal department and they told me they are allowed to call me once more after the C&D and tell me their intentions. They never told me any intentions. He also stated they weren't trying to communicate with me at my job just trying to verify something. They said my account is still open in their office and that the OC is going to send me a statement. I have not recieved anything yet. Are any of these actions violations?

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