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Has anyone used creditattorney.com?


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Hello All,

I have frequented the forums prior to & after my BK discharge in 2005 & received informative & helpful information & now I am in the process of repair.

I have been reviewing my reports & disputing inaccuarate info but it is time consuming & currently I am unable to devote the time needed to communicate, dispute & verify information with the CR agencies. A friend of mine told me about creditattorney.com & I have reviewed their site & they do the leg work for you, obviously for a fee. My friend has had success with a favorable increase in their credit reports. I have also been unable to find any negative reporting on this company & their services.

They state that they are attorneys, located in Utah, dedicated to assisting people with credit repair. They do not claim to be a company that removes credit, but do the leg work for you regarding disputes & inaccuracies. Has anyone used their services or know someone who has?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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